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How the JFFL works for league organizers and parents.

    Register your town or locations when filling out your forms.
    Once your locations are approved then a media package will be sent for local marketing.
    If you have a kid or teams that would like to register for Super Hero Sports in your area please select your location created by a league organizer.

    If your location is not available in the dropdown selection then please submit a new location request. Your new location will be pending approval from SHS.
    Log into your account then build your teams through our bulk ordering system. Each team will receive one SHS football, SHS Flags per kid and a themed jersey.
    You will receive an email from your SHS League Organizer with a team name and a link to our swag shop. This is where additional accessories are available prior the event date.
    SHS marketing packages are available for your event.
    Contact us for more information.

FAQ Justice Flag Football League

Imagine that your league now offers the possibility to be in the Batman Team, or Bane Team or Harley Quinn Team…. Going against Wonder Woman or Team and Flash and winning awards with official licensed products at the end of the league or tournaments! Believe us when we say that the acceptance by kids and coaches in your community will be bigger and stronger with these incredible IP along your logo

Get approved today and lock in your territory. You wont regret it!

If you have more questions, please send us an email.

Q: Is there a lengthy CONTRACT  or AGREEMENTS  between my business and JFFL / SHS?


We truly think that an unparalleled value is given with our amazing uniforms and merchandise that will enhance your league so positively that we don’t need to make you sign any contracts to stay with us. If you try it for a season and don’t like it for any reason you don’t have to come back, no questions asked, no penalties, no hard feelings!

Q: If we join, do  parents go through your REGISTRATION ?

A: NO, operators and league organizers have control of their precious data and registration. You simply open registration and when it closes, you do an order online and we will deliver the uniforms to your address ready to be delivered to the coaches. 

Q: If we switch to JFFL / SHS do we have EXCLUSIVITY to our area?

A: YES, if your league / business is approved, you will be the owner of that area and anyone else that tries to join will have to come through you if they are close by.
(This will be the only agreement in writing for your peace of mind.)

Q: Will JFFL run under their own RULES?

A: YES, SHS/JFFL the rules can be found in this link.

Q: What’s the COST?

A: The cost is $30 for a Super Hero/ Looney Tunes shirt , set of flags per kid and 1 ball per team.

Q: What is the lead time  on ORDERS?

A: The lead time is usually 2 weeks from your order online. You close registration, you upload the order, expect delivery in 1-2weeks. (We suggest you order a small % of extra shirts to cover late registration by your last minute parents.)

Q: What is the APPROVAL Process?

A: We approve operators and league organizers based on their experience in their area and recommendations made by at least 2 other league organizers. We will focus on quality over quantity and we only want the best operators to join not just anyone that thinks it is a good idea to run a flag league with zero experience at all.

Q: Is the FEEDBACK as operator valued?

A: YES, we want your feedback to make this league the best league possible. Nothing is set in stone. We will evaluate and make amendments where needed if needed.

Q: What are the PERKS as an affiliate?

A: MANY, here are some:
• Percentage of GROSS on anything sold in your online store. All super hero swag will give you back money that will impact your bottom line immediately so you can keep growing your business.
• Early signup for SHS tournaments.
• Early sing up for camps with celebrities and influencers.
• Run affiliate tournaments in your area. 
• Marketing support
• Incredible visuals for your online marketing and onsite leagues & tournaments
• Officials helping your event that are vetted by SHS/JFFL
• More once we approve your registration. 

Q: What do kids win in leagues or tournaments?

A: Officially licensed awards, rings, medals, belts, what ever you think your league needs, we will have available for you. If they win a sanction SHS tournament, a full paid bid to Disney World in Orlando!

Q: Can I host an SHS sanctioned tournament?

A: YES, once you are approved, we can help you run your event at no upfront cost to you*. The winners will get a full bid to Disney World Flag Football Championship as the incentive. 

*rules and an agreement must be in place to make sure necessary insurance needs and initial costs to run an effective event are taken into consideration.

Q: As an affiliate to SHS/JFFL can get on your INSURANCE to keep the costs down?

A: YES, we have the best insurance provider in the youth sports industry, your league, your events, your kids participating will be all insured once they join.

2024 SHS Schedule

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Flag Football Rules

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