– Enhance youth sport leagues
– Create incredible uniforms
with iconic brands.

SHS was created by operators to help operators, league directors and youth sports organizations enhance their leagues by adding unique uniform and merchandising designs from DC comics, Warner Brothers, Looney Tunes , Paramount Pictures and many more incredible Intellectual Property characters and super heroes that kids and parents love. 

By adding these incredible designs, SHS is helping youth sports organizations attract and retain young athletes in their leagues. 

Whether it is 

Flag Football (League Name)

Space Jam Basketball League  

Junior Soccer League ( JSL ).

 SHS will have the most incredible uniforms and merchandise on the fields and courts that kids will want to wear everywhere !

What sets us apart?

We carry exclusive licensed brands with customized team jersey, merchandise and league packages that enhance existing leagues that won’t be found anywhere else!

There has been a huge demand for something fresh in the youth sports industry and the creators of SHS searched for options. After months and months of negotiations and proving they are the best operators in the youth sports world.  SHS was granted licensing access to intellectual properties from DC, Looney Tunes, Space Jam, and Top Gun. The opportunities to have access to these brands legally are slim to none but, in 2023 a deal was made to have full access to these exclusive assets. Now, kids can have fun with amazing jerseys sporting their favorite super hero or cartoon character and go against other teams like never before… Just imagine having matchups in your league like Batman vs. Joker or the Tune Squad vs the Monstars!

We are excited to expand this experience to youth sports programs nationwide and internationally. We can’t wait to hear all the feedback from our league organizers, coaches, parents and kids playing in leagues and tournaments all around the world!

The new era of youth sports leagues starts today….

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